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Discover the location of your future vacation

The Calanque des Figuières is home to a small fishing port but also two pebble beaches including a cove.


The first beach is located on the right of the port, easily accessible on foot from the apartment, on a gentle slope. This beach is quite narrow and provides access to another beach via a staircase which allows you to discover a very beautiful view of the Figuières cove.


Opposite, you will find a third beach accessible by a small path-style path. It is a small peaceful cove which, like the first beach near the port, offers very easy access to the sea allowing swimming with children.

Calanques of the Blue Coast in pictures

I invite you to discover the cove of Figuières as well as its surroundings through my own photos: taken during  of my hikes and at different times of the day they will allow you to have an overall overview of the place of your future vacation.

Visit to the Calanque de Figuières in video

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